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As chair of the House Water Division, environmental issues are of deep concern to me. I promise to continue work to: 

  • Protect our state's natural resources and environment 

  • Protect the many different animals and species that call Minnesota home through modifications to trapping and snaring laws

  • Ensure the quality of our water supply and protect against pollution 

  • Expanding the use of renewable energy 

  • Protect the environment from the harmful effects of lead 


Having worked with youth experiencing homelessness for over 13 years, I understand the value of stable, quality housing. As State Representative, I promise to promote: 

  • Affordable housing opportunities for all Minnesotans 

  • High-Quality low-income housing 

  • Assisting those who are housing insecure 


A fair healthcare system is something that affects everyone in the state. ​I firmly support: 

  • Lowering drug prices to ensure everyone has access to the medicines they need

  • Expanding access to mental health services and working to destigmatize mental health issues 

  • Improving the pay of Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) 

  • Development of  a new MinnesotaCare option 

Community Safety and Affairs

Improving everyday life for those in our community is a driving force behind every action I take at the Capitol. In working towards that goal, I support: 

  • The expansion of public transportation and the construction of a new rush line corridor 

  • A well maintained, robust state infrastructure 

  • Expansion of community recreation spaces such as bike trails 

  • Policing reforms that work to keep everyone in our community protected and safe

  • Gun violence prevention measures such as universal background checks 

Good Government 

The government needs to work for all people. This means that it must be fair, transparent, and accessible to the public. I will fight for: 

  • Fair redistricting to ensure fair representation in the legislature

  • Promoting absentee and early voting to increase the ability for citizens to make their voice heard without having to stand in line on election day 

  • Promoting government accountability to those we serve 

  • Campaign finance reform to ensure fair elections


Giving our children a head start on life with a quality education is an incredibly important mission. I support: 

  • A well-funded public school system that prepares our youth for the future 

  • A broad-based curriculum to ensure a well-rounded education for our students 

  • The expansion of Pre-K programs so that every child can start off strong 

  • The promotion of affordable higher education and support of our state's community colleges and trade programs 

Economic Issues

Minnesota has a strong economy that needs to continue to grow and work for everyone. I support: 

  • Working to help small businesses grow and thrive in our local economy

  • Expansion of job training programs to create a well-trained workforce

  • Raising the minimum wage 

  • The right of workers to organize and bargain collectively 

  • Cutting government red tape and streamlining government operations in ways that are responsible and make sense 

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